Miami Condos Still Pack A Bigger Punch Than Irma

After all the attention drawn by superstorm hurricane Irma, the highrise condos of Miami stand, largely unaffected in the long term. That's discounting the fallen cranes at construction sites including the one at 300 Biscayne. The rest? People are cleaning up and values remain strong in the luxury condo market. 

You can see the current ratings of Miami Beach condos over at the Miami Ross100 Condo Index page:

Now that the cleanup is well underway, Irma will become another memory of the tropical storms that frequent Florida. It will serve as a reminder to maintain preparedness for the inevitable natural forces that are a recurring part of almost everyone's normal lives no matter where they live.

Irma in Miami at night

[Miami Recovery]Two weeks, four weeks from now, the streets will look as they did. The nightlife of Miami will become more attractive to more snowbirds who are fed up with the bitter winter seasons. Luxury condo values will continue to rise and attract buyers from around the world.

For many, the worst of Irma was the prolonged power outages.

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